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of losses as investors wait for the new uk growth data. >> and in the u.s., a top fed official says the central bank will likely exit its current monetary stance next year, but a rate hike is still a ways off. >> hello and welcome to cnbc's "worldwide exchange." we'll kick off with the global equity session right now. the ftse cnbc global 300 is 22 points higher. we had the european markets yesterday down some 21 points or so, but we've reversed that an hour into trade right now. this is where we currently trade. the ftse 100 up nearly 0.5%. the dax up 0.835%. cac up 0.8%, as well. the dollar is trying to make gains today, as well. dollar edging back to 94 against the yen. euro/dollar, 1.4331. sterling/dollar, 1.6282 after getting below 1.62 and euro/sterling on that 0.88 mark. christine, good to see you. >> hey, ross, good to see you. happy friday. here in asia, increased confidence from the global economy helped to pull stocks higher, but not the picture we're seeing in shanghai right now. this particular market ending lower 279%. that dragged down the hang seng, as well, down 0.7
. laura: are democrats using senator ted kennedy's death to push for health care reform. will it hurt or help their cause? >> i believe that the cia's best days are still yet to come. ufer will have my support as you carry on this critical work. laura: but with the attorney general investigating the cia and threatening to prosecute interrogators, some say the administration is waving the white flag in the war on terror. [sirens] and president obama now wants september 11th to be a national day of service. is that the best way to remember the thousands of americans who lost their lives on that day? caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- laura: hi, everyone. i'm laura ingraham, reporting tonight for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us. playing politics with senator kennedy's death. that's the subject of this evening's talking points memo. it only took a few hours after the death of ted kennedy for democrats to begin using his death to
morning 10:00 eastern time. 7:00 a.m. on the west coast. for all of us on the news team, thanks for trusting us for your news and information. mr. bill o'reilly is next. good night. laura: "the o'reilly factor" is on, tonight. >> we need affordable, accessible, health care. that's what he dedicated his life to. in his memory i will do everything i can to help achieve that goal. laura: are democrats using senator ted kennedy's death to push for health care reform. will it hurt or help their cause? >> i believe that the cia's best days are still yet to come. ufer will have my support as you carry on this critical work. laura: but with the attorney general investigating the cia and threatening to prosecute interrogators, some say the administration is waving the white flag in the war on terror. [sirens] and president obama now wants september 11th to be a national day of service. is that the best way to remember the thousands of americans who lost their lives on that day? caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox
is o tupe ea of us here, eslypealci alon s east 5. 9of tof 95. so this is where thhee acav actytyviti has been the lastvi rauple of s.urho ll s.fain ra ba herecknothing is llg infi in. . wsne . ws at whabout ga i ll tell you what, we will zoom in teanlooking at tyssviroac activity across e , ouare nd area, around de is good besneit is it k inrefo think before the methgagigabebes heinec f tasort e game but not the deluge had earlier. the flood watch until 2:00 a.m. showers and storms will be tapering off. come back and talk more about danny. back to you. >> thank you. >>> a private memorial service is set to begin in an hour in honor of senator ted kennedy. family and friends including john kerry filed past kennedy's casket as he lay in repose in boston today. senator kennedy's funeral mass will be tomorrow morning in boston. his body will be flown to andrews air force base so he can be buried at arlington national cemetery. his gravesite at arlington is in some ways chosen by the martyred president kennedy. he stopped at the site and remarked it was so beautiful he could
write can be used against them. i am live at cnn headquarters in atlanta. >>> some stars we hardly know where to begin. let's push forward. a california woman who was kidnapped in front of her own house in 1991 is free and finally getting reacquainted with her family. the secret world she inhabited for 18 years, a backyard where she bore and raised her children. the world is repulsed at what happened to her. the suspect three hours from now will go before a judge to face charges relating to kidnapping and sexual abuse. he met wednesday with his patrol officer. hard to imagine what jaycee's parents are going through. her stepfather witnessed the kidnapping and for years was a suspect. jaycee's reunion with the mother was a shocker. >> jaycee told her she had babies and my wife asked her how many babies. it was a real shock. i didn't know babies. i was expecting -- nobody told me they were 15 and 11 so it was a shocker. >> we have news producers working every area of this case. >> phillip and nancy garrido expected to be arraigned at 1:00 p.m. local time. behind me is the home they lived
their republic i. >> being a correctional officer is very hard work. it is dangerous for us coming out every night to going home and being in the public. >> it regardless of the motive, but the president of the union that represents the correctional officer has harsh words for the person who ended the working moms life with three shots, one to the head, the neck, and the arm. >> we hope law enforcement find the perpetrator of this horrendous crime and that person be given the death penalty. >> a scholarship fund is being developed in her honor. back to you. >> thank you. local leaders are helping taxpayers save $1.6 million in an effort to close the state budget gap. gov. o'malley project for $3,100 to the state for what he says represents 10 days worth of his salary. ademac did the same as well as mike busch and others and they are encouraging other lawmakers to do the same spirit . a local politician is reimbursing the police. police officers boarded the boat until jon cardin popped the question to his fiancee anearlir this month. he reimbursed the city $300 for his use of police resources
beaches bring us a rough weekend. we continue to danny's path first warning weather coverage first we begin with meteorologist the first warning weather center. tim williams will begin. >> we'll take you to it and give you an idea of what it looks like. this is a photo of danny, it's still not an impressive storm on radar or satellite, looks like a wild mass of thunderstorms holding on to the tropical storm status with sustained winds of 30 miles per hour. it has gusts of 52 miles per hour. as you see, it never changes to category one status. it stays offshore about 150- miles, we'll see the effects. danny kicking moisture back in our direction. it's only one part of a rainmaker playing into the forecast for tomorrow. for more, to marty bass. >>> good afternoon, the projected rainfall totals tomorrow through tomorrow night for central maryland and the mid-atlantic. looks like none. the bulk of moisture is going to be north of the mason dixon line and into the valley primarily because of low moving our way from georgia. danny is not really a player in our moisture content. it appears
at ruckston road. allow yourself extra time and use caution. the roads are pretty slick. that's a look at the morning travels. megan, back to you. >>> a state correction officer is fatally shot and this morning the search is on for her killer. erica car was shot several times. police found her in the seat of a ford explorer in the ken hill avenue. she was rushed to john hopkins hospital where she was pronounced dead. carr was shot in the arm, head and neck. >> reporter: officers were called to the area for shots fired. they did a canvas and this car was -- miss carr was found in a vehicle unresponsive in a ford explorer. >>> they have no reason for the shooting. >>> pastor st. george craw said that someone sprayed graffiti and tried to break into the overcomers tabernacle church. some think that the crime is linked to a funeral to be had today. the pastor thinks that someone responsible is trying to send a message. >> there would be certain people that are coming to the funeral, who they want to say, look, we don't only know where the funeral is being held, but we have come in and des
stormy meeting between hamid karzai and the u.s. special envoy. >>> in japan unemployment sores on the eve of national elections there. a youth movement sweeping the country and the party that has ruled japan for decades may be on the way out. >>> in sub-saharan africa malaria still kills more than a million people a year. now comes hope of a vaccine that could save countless lives. >>> and sailing solo. tonight, a look at two teens and their quest to go around the world alone. in britain, it's considered a challenge. in holland, it could be a case of child abuse. >> from the world's leading reporters and analysts, here's what's happening from around the world. this is "worldfocus." made possible in part by the following funders -- major support has also been provided by the peter g. peterson foundation dedicated to promoting fiscal responsibility and addressing key economic challenges facing america's future. >>> good evening. i'm martin savidge. >>> we are going to start tonight with afghanistan, where the death of a u.s. soldier today made this the deadliest month of the eigh
did that. -- i would rather you not to do that. those costs for everyone who is using emergency care for their primary care, those costs are being adored by the 85% of us who actually already have health insurance. they would pay about $150 or so for a health-care provider to get $20 with the medication so that i did not have to use the emergency room as the primary health-care provider. i was that no one else did have that kind of experience that i have had. there are probably many more things that i could cover right now, but i know that my staff is giving me a signal of 1 minute. i have exhausted more than that. what i would like to do now is have the opportunity to take your questions. the way the we are going to handle questions is that these microphones are right here. you can line up behind the microphones to ask a question. out of respect for the people and everybody in the room, it will be great if you use your one minute for your question otherwise it does not matter. maker statement or question. you are just going to get one minute to do it. as you can see, a lot of people
, right and center agrow on, scare tactics have been used. >> cannot have a government program that is going to pull the plug on grandma. >> republicans have a better solution that will not put seniors in a position of being put to death by their government. >> a lot of people are going to die. this program of government options is going to kill people. >> and no one's trying to scare people with sound bites. i don't know any leaders in the house and the senator who have done that. yeah, strike two. then there was strike three. a republican party mailer being sent across the country with was surfaced online today. called the 2009 future of american health care survey and it claims to be a friendly questionnaire about health care, sent by, rnc chairman michael steele who promises that, of course, no one's trying to scare people, the survey questions about house reform include, "it has been suggested that the government could use voter re h registration. prompting fears that gop voters might be discriminated against for medical treatment in a democratic imposed health care ratio
. could these be the only clues left behind. call in, 1-877-tell-hln is the number. you can e-mail us, cnn.com/primenews. or text us at hlntv. start your message with the word prime. it's your chance to be heard. -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com >>> welcome.p this is "prime news." i'm mike galanos. first, breaking news in michael jackson's death investigation. what we've been waiting for. the los angeles county coroner just ruled the manner of death, homicide. the cause of death, acute propofol intoxication. and what doctors call the benzodiazepine effect. a deadly combo. the key word being propofol. the pot ent drug used in hospitals to put people under before surgery, should only be used in hospitals. let's make this clear now. the coroner just released the findings of a detailed report. the report itself has yet to be released. this is huge. homicide, drug overdose, propofol. what does that mean for jackson's personal doctor, dr. conrad murray, the one accused of giving michael jackson propofol just hours before his death. much more on that coming up in just a little bit. >>> but f
. the storms are not done with us yet. >> for the up-to-the minimum details we head straight to bob in the storm center. what are we going to be getting? >> depends where you are. as we saw today, there was some spots but not much rain. boy, if you were underom oefaw those torrential rains, it was like being under a water fall and you can see how thick the air is. we still have a lot of moisture. here is the area that's still under a flood watch. ed into watch until 2:00 in the morning. there are some flood warnings over there in the eastern shore. for some of those heavy rains. there is a batch and it is not only rain but also thunder once again. moving into southern maryland and moving right through charles county and coming up northern st. mary's county. l of these rains do contain some very, very heavy -- storms do not contain very, very heavy rains. they will be movin through prince george's county. we will keep an eye on things. look at how much rain fell in silver spring. that was just a matter of minutes. over two minutes. over two inches. so when that comes through, it does
there in the public eye. >> being a correctional officer is very hard work. it is dangerous for us coming out every night to going home and being in the public. >> she was well respected by her peers. the union that represents the correctional officers will create a scholarship in her honor. jennifer franciotti reporting. >> in west baltimore, the investigation continues into a shooting that left a man wounded. at the intersection of presman street and north fremont ave. there's no word on a motive or suspects in the case. and although county police are interviewing a woman they believe may know something after man was discovered in a car suffering from a stab wounds. this is between i-95 and ordinance road in glen burnie. the man was rushed to the hospital suffering from life- threatening injuries. the woman is not considered a suspect. >> state delegate jon cardin has reimbursed baltimore city police or the use of helicopter, a police boat, and officers to stage a proposal for his fiancee. $300 with the bill. that comes from his calculation of the karlie rate paid to the officers and cost of fuel
kidnap also at 11, held captive for 4 1/2 years. pam, tell us about the reunion and how difficult it can be, challenging for sean to begin life anew again. >> it's very hard. you know, people would think that once you're together that everything's just all hunky-dory and, you know, well and just fine. and there's just a whole new road that they have to go down. for us, you know, we wanted to smother sean too much and give him his space. we had to work to where he was comfortable with us again and we were comfortable with him. everybody is excited to see him. and they're glad they're all home and they're all well. but there's so many other things you have to start dealing with. >> pam, what advice would you give to jaycee and her family, if you could speak to them? >> i would tell them, take it one day at a time. get some very good counseling. for the parents, they need to welcome her back with, you know, open arms, unconditional love. she needs to be reassured that everything that she did was not her fault. she was not in the wrong. you know, that they love her regardless what she had to
that works. >> well i think the fundamental issue for us is to make certain that we focus on getting and keeping everyone covered. and while many people strongly believe in the public options for reasons i will be glad to explain later, it really is a diversion. we have 45 million uninsured. if we really understand who those people are,e think there are ways to address the barriers to insurance that they face. tavis: all right. so tell me more then. who are these persons and how do we address the barriers? >> well, let's take the 45 million and segment them and break them down. there are 11 million of the 45 million who are eligible today for a program like medicaid or the state children's health insurance program. we don't find them. we don't get them enrolled and therefore they are uninsured. one of the things i would like to see is more energy and enthusiasm to find and locate those people who are eligible today for insurance but we simply don't reach out to find them. if we take another part of the uninsured, about 10% are college and university students. we know where to find th
to tell us what we can expect. >> j.c., already some strong thunderstorms are firing. we don't have any warnings on them quite yet this noon. but let me show you doppler 9000 and show you e thareas urn the gun right now. e h ty much approachin utsoside ofutth e wabethlte th wilson bridge for sure. th me is where we will be having so problems right now. i have been lookheg tatse for a while. they ar te mainlyov intog e the ea . ho an hour. so, awere going to be watching them develop so problems. r fome trto t tck this r u.yo this cluster around d mou.ng tomoving to davidsonville and what not. so as we animate this for you, we c te llyou some towns that wi force , sebameadows 126. you get the idea. that's t th lyonlycluster we have. ill weckoubat of the picture now w anshow you not just springfield under the gun but firi uptoup the west here down from manassas and again moving an0 he steastnoasrt 3t he ins hour s lk onlortfolks in lorton you llwi be seeing this. what are we talking for the afternoon, show you the radar loop. this is just e a loofexpect a l moving in here. this is noth
. >> driving through the city, how was that? >> deeply, deeply moving for all of us. >> about, i guess a week before he died, he -- he was out on his boat and he was very sick by then. he was losing some of his ability to find words. and he was so very cognizant and very, you know, he was able to steer his boat and to reason and understand the conversation. but it was sometimes during some parts of the day difficult for him to find the words that he was looking for. >> larry: joining us to begin things is senator john kerry, democrat of massachusetts 2004 democratic party presidential nominee. he's on the phone with us. the loss of ted kennedy, of course, is the topic of the day. i know you've been in close contact with the family. how are they doing, senator? >> well, they're much, much moved by the events of today. you know, they're an extraordinary, strong group of individuals who through the years unfortunately have learned how to cope with loss. and this is one of those rare circumstances where they have a chance to say good-bye to somebody who lived an extraordinarily full life, long li
will be flown to washington following a brief ceremony at the steps at the u.s. capitol, burial at arlington national cemetery at 5:30 p.m. eastern. all of those of dense our live at c-span. an interview with a group of reporters from the "boston globe," who wrote the book about the rise and fall of ted kennedy. that is at 8:00 a.m. on saturday on c-span2. just a reminder about some of our "washington journal" program next week. we are broadcasting live from virginia hospital center in arlington. we will examine the health care system from the perspective of doctors. they will provide context to the health-care debate. that is next monday through wednesday on "washington journal." we will take you down to a health care town hall meeting with donna edwards of maryland. she is a member of the congressional progressive caucus, many of whom said they will not vote for a health-care bill without a public option. this took place in germantown. it is about 1.5 hours. [applause] >> excellent. first of all, an introduction because i know some of you but i don't know all of you. i am donna edwards. i
and thanks for joining us. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour. we'll have more on a rain- soaked weekend in the forecast. >>> michael vick makes his return. it didn't take long to appear in his first game of the on se 'll hear from vick coming up. >>> and also ahead this morning, they were nine y oung students to help fight intolerance and change the makeup of america's classroom. green, a member of the little rock nine, will join us. >>> danys istill a tropical storm. s bunot so strong any more. the storm has weakened over the atlantic. winds are just about 40 miles upe hounpew.o ical storwaa tch for oaast c is still in to affect today as l swells ctxeedpel toexpected to dangerous surf and life- threatening rip currents. and it's possible danny may regain speed. >> 76 degrees here in the d.c. area. and we turn our attention to tucker barnes and what is going on with danny. > we've had a lot going on. h adwe unththrstorms overnight and wor flooding overnight in baltimore. and we're starting with clouds d humidity and the hpotential of more halfy rain here in washington. not d
for the auschwitz death camp. the blueprints will be put on display at the holocaust memorial. netanyahu used the occasion to refer to lessons that should be learned from the holocaust. >> it does not happen because the main civilized powers of the day did not act in time to stop the arming of barbarism and armed barbarism knows no limits and has to be unarmed, disarmed in time. >> reporter: netanyahu also said that he expected chancellor merkel to take a strong stand against iran's nuclear ambitions. he said iran posed a direct threat to israel's security. merkel said germany is prepared to take a tougher line with iran if that becomes necessary. >> translator: iran has been asked to participate in negotiations. if they fail to respond to these requests, we will consider stronger sanctions in the energy sector and other appropriate sectors such as the financial sector. in fact, we will not merely consider this, we will discuss with the international community how best to implement these sanctions. >> reporter: merkel said netanyahu should show more flexibility and ott issue of settlements on
have a stomach ulcer or other condition that causes bleeding you should not use plavix. taking plavix alone or with some other medicines including aspirin may increase bleeding risk, tell your doctor before planning surgery or taking aspirin or other medicines with plavix, especially if you've had a stroke. some medicines that are used to treat heartburn or stomach ulcers, like prilosec, may affect how plavix works, so tell your doctor if you are taking other medicines. if fever, unexplained weakness or confusion develops, tell your doctor promptly. these may be signs of ttp, a rare but potentially life-threatening condition reported sometimes less than 2 weeks after starting plavix. other rare but serious side effects may occur. if you take plavix with other heart medicines, continuing to do so will help increase protection against a future heart attack or stroke. feeling better doesn't mean you're not at risk. stay with plavix. i see you're flatulent in three languages... graduated top of your gas... (announcer) got gas on your mind? your son rip is on line toot. excuse me (announce
to performance and growth. the big down turn in-housing and credit that lead us into the recession of 2007. this appears now to be at or near an end. lenders have been reluck >> the climb by 1.4% during the second quarter of decline. how long this will persist is hard to say. the 1990, 1991 recession in the decline. the loan ambulances fell slightly in only one quarter. credit problemsp>o in 1990 and 1991. as we have discussed in briefings. we have seen less than $30 billion. commercial mortgageage so far this year. with that said, total u.s. mortgage administration. this is mostly on the strength of lending back. banks and thrifts remain active in originating these orths we'll look for loan demand to rise as their confidence improved. there's also a general expectation that this will take place through the balance of banks and thrifts. with that, i'll turn it over to john core ston >> thank you and good morning. starting with construction and development portfolios. in charge one, charge offs dropped dramatically. noefrj 14% declined. the balance from a year ago, the volume continues to r
, other than the white house has been very clear with us, don't call these people czars! ok. ok. we got that one, but i can't make this piece of the puzzle fit. unless this piece is about building some kind of thug-ocracy. >> all week, we have been asking tough questions. tonight, i would just love to hear the answers for these questions, an here are some. mr. president, why do we need a civilian national security force that is just as strong, just as powerful as the military? here is why i ask that question -- who are we fighting exactly? who internally is threatening our security? it's clearly -- i tried to piece it together. i have tried to come up with an answer. please, america, if i'm missing it, please let me know. it's clearly not because we feel there is a threat from illegal aliens crossing the border. nobody in the government, this administration are ott last, has a problem with what's going on on the border. anyone who would say that there is a problem has been deemed a racist. a civilian national security force on the border is called the minutemen. the attitude from this a
, good morning to you. >> hello, everybody. it is a weekend. we are happy you could join us on this friday and we are happy about what we are seeing here on 395 northbound at duke street them accident scene taking up all lanes is cleared. hopefully the delays will break apart. right now the head lights are stacked up to itle. take it to brookeville. georgia avenue is closed between brookeville road and market street. this is because a driver we are told drove in to a pole we have downed wires there. crews will be out there for a long time. moving over to 270 from germantown to 370. a good amount of volume. no accidents. on 66 eastbound in virginia we are slow in one spot from 50 to 123 and this point nutley to the beltway you are okay. on the inner and outer loop you are all clear. andrea, over to you. >>> at one past the hour it has been a rough first week back to school for thousands of children in prince georges county. a big scheduling problem has kept them out of class. now we're learning officials knew about the problem well in advance. digital correspondent, armando t
help? we'll find out on this edition of first business. slow grind hi year continues to continue for u.s. stocks will command a head of the last two trading sessions in the month of august if all this can hold onto positive gains it will be to the second pass in a row and that we are working and fighting the last six months of higher and stock prices. effects of the month of august the dow is up about 4% of m clearly investors continued to be confident about the stock market in the economy but the opposite case tv talk about consumer confidence on mainstream on friday we're going to be getting consumer sentiment numbers since june that number has been down. pocketbooks of consumers getting pinched year in speaking of the friday numbers of personal income and spending is to keep him to wash their could be the saving rate which a short term can replenish those rainy day fund which will perhaps sowed the seed of long-term growth. the losses keep piling up for small and regional banks... and the fdic is beefing up its coffers anticipating a wave of bank failures in the coming months... take
.d. >> the team also uses computer wizardry to reconstruct the faces of the dead, another 41 cases solved. >> we get to give that victim their name back. >> reporter: many of these cold cases do not have a happy ending, including jaycee lee dugard. she's alive, but no one can restore the childhood she lost. david wright, abc news, virginia. >>> the los angeles county core nore today confirmed details surrounding michael jackson ice death. in a state, they said jackson's death was a homicide, caused by acute propofol intoxication. a fatal overdose of the powerful drug. an investigation is continuing. >>> also in california, more wildfires, it's a familiar story. the fires cover tusands of acres, homes are threatened, residents have been forced to flee. there is a state ofen ergmecy as crews battle the blazes with thg hot, dry conditions making things worse. brian rooney is in la canada, california. >> reporter: the sun had trouble poking through a deep layer of smoke that hung over the los angeles basin this morning. the city skyline was shrouded in gray air as the wildfires continued to feed plu
? what they taught us now is that you can't spell oligarch without the czars. thank you. thank you so much. i appreciate it. you liberal bloggers, you need to stick around because i think you will be able to help america learn some more things. come on. follow me. hello, america. boy, what a week it has been. the president, he said a couple of things. he said you want to understand what i'm going to do and what my policies are, you got to look to the people around me. ok. we have done that all week. he said he was going to fundamentally transform america. oh, he's doing that. since january 20, he has been racing full steam ahead towards the transformation of america. but what is it we're transforming >> into? this week, i have to tell you, i have felt fear in this country for a long time, but i don't know if you can feel it. i feel a pivot point. it feels like as a nation we're waking up, and i think it's because you're seeing this puzzle piece together. we have shown you some amazing frightening facts, and the white house hasn't challenged any of it. unfortunately, i have a feeling t
. >> reporter: and even wife vicki. >> it means so much to us. >> reporter: people she spoke to, so moved. >> i just said i was sorry, and she said i am very glad you are here. and one thing that i like about her is that she took her time with you, she didn't rush you by. >> reporter: it was poignant for the visitors. >> it feels really special, you know, to be out here to support them, and to have them out here shaking hands, it just feels really personal. >> reporter: and longtime kennedy adviser robert schru says, poignant far the family, as well. why do you think it's important for the family to be out here today? >> they are saying "thank you." they understand for all he meant to them, he meant a great deal to other people. >> reporter: inside, the casket was attended by a rotating vigil of close family and friends, longtime colleagues filed by. senator john kerry. congressman john lewis of georgia, a veteran of the civil rights struggles who was also at robert kennedy's funeral. >> it brings back so many memories. it brings back days of hope, days of optimism. >> reporter: on this, a day
that some u.s. troops in afghanistan are refusing to follow. all that, plus the fox all-stars an and friday lightning round. "special report" starts right now. welcome to washington. i'm shannon bream in tonight for bret baier. memorials for the late senator kennedy continue. president obama will speak at tomorrow's fiewn al mass and major garrett reports that kennedy's death has left a void that could hamper the president's healthcare reform efforts. >> as the public morning continued, president obama worked on his eulogy on martha's vineyard conferring with his top advisor, david axelrod. the president has immersed himself in his vacation, setting aside the healthcare debate for a bike ride along the beach, a fried shim p lunch and a look from the white house. if he was looking for a deal maker, clout and timing, kennedy's death may have left mr. obama adrift. >> he was the only person who could go to the republicans an cut the deal and come back to the left and say this is good enough. we should take this. this might be all we can get right now. they would believe him. they would follow
in heavy rain, and how to prepare before the storm arrives. >>> well, it's friday, and for many that used to mean leaving the cooking to someone else. but in this tight economy, many people are cutting back. and area restaurants are starting to feel the pinch. abc 2 news cheryl conner tells us about one popular eatery that has been forced to close its doors. >> reporter: for 26 years, the brass elephant in baltimore's mount vernon neighborhood has offered guests a fine dining experience. now the glasses are empty and the seats are vacant because in recent weeks, business has been anything but fine. >> don't know what i'm going to do this weekend. i'm used to being here, you know, running around, you know. talking to some of my regular customers. >> reporter: general manager caliph max says the decision to close came sunday when there were no reservations or the the week ahead. 16 employees have lost their jobs, but they say the closure isn't surprising. >> i've known for quite some time we were under distress, because our clients have not been coming in. >> reporter: management hopes to s
of the matt is that for so many of use just needed someoneo hang on to. and teddy waslways there to hang on to. he h such a big heart and he shared tt heart with all of us. but teddy and patrick and kara we want to let you know that we unrstand how much you gav to allous to be caredfor. (applause) and yohad to share. you had to share. >> brown: again, the mar developments ofhe day: august became the deadest month for american trps in the eight- year afan war; a new report from the u.n.'s nucle watchdog found iran has notuspended its nucle activities. and californigovernor arnold schwarnegger declared a state of emergency for both nterey and los angeles couies after wildfires burned thousandof acres. on newsur.pbs.org, an online- only feature tonit-- an "art bt" conversation i had with josh neufeld, ahor of the new graphic novel, "a.-- after the luge-- "four years after katrina flooded new orans." here's a srt excerpt. >> what i did in ad was ttell the stories of seven diffent people, real new orlns, actual livin breathing human beings who survived katrin it was something that wanted to do as c
washington insider vernon jordan. we will also hear from historian douglas brinkley. we're glad you joined us. remembering ted kennedy, coming up right now. >> there are so many things that wal-mart is looking forward to doing, like helping people live better. but mostly, we're helping build stronger communities and relationships. with your help, the best is yet to come. >> nationwide insurance proudly supports "tavis smiley." tavis and nationwide, working together to improve financial literacy and the economic empowerment that comes with it. >> ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪ >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. [captioning made possible by kcet public television] tavis: a couple of quick programming notes. due to the breaking news of senator kennedy's passing, our conversation with c.e.o. ron williams will air tomorrow night. and he is a critical voice and health care debate, opposed to the public option. he will explain. that full conversation airs tomorrow night on this program. also on the end the program, edward brooke and african- american re
. craig melvin joins us from starbucks on capitol hill where the bernankes' story begins to unfold. >> reporter: earlier this week it was announced he would stay on as fed chief. around the same time some documents began to surface details how bernanke's wife stop at this starbucks became part of a complex and elaborate scheme. >> our assessment is for slower growth but positive growth into next year. >> reporter: last fall while fed chairman ben bernanke was trying to figure out how best to resuscitate an ailing economy he was dealing with money issues at home. around 11:20 in the morning on august 7, 2008 as his wife sat at a table inside this starbucks on capitol hill, someone swiped her purse off the paback of her chair. inside the purse her wallet, credit cards and money, and social security card examine checks. six days later $900 went missing from ben and anna bernanke's account. while it's not known how much the thieves stole from the fed chief and his wife, investigators believe it's merely a drop in the bucket. here's a look at the scope of the scheme. they say the 89 kno
in the last two games. i want to see a sustained drive. i want to see us push it in when we get down to the three yard line. stay together, work hard, fight, literally fight to scrap for everything. >> reporter: the redskin and patriots kick off at 8:00. keep it here. starting at 7:30 we will bring you redskins tailgate. >>> i'm scott broom in portion county, a crisis that marred the first week of school here has still not been completely resolved. >> right now we're at 1,273 students who are, who are working an the clock to get their schedules done. >>> now anger from parents that revelations that school officials knew of the brewing crisis long before school started. >> we had some issues with the timing of the scheduling. >> reporter: chief technology officer wesley watts junior on thursday pointed to the $4.1 million computer system called school max. saying installation of the system caused delays in the scheduling process all the way back in may. then software glitches and patches ate up more time. schedules usually furnished in early august weren't done until the last minute.
this family has been through and what a day for that mother to lay eyes on her girl again. randy kay for us to night. thanks so much. >>> that is it for us tonight. "larry king live" will have a lot more on this coming up just after. this >> larry: tonight john f. kennedy makes a trip to the presidential library that bears the name of his brother. senator john kerry, senator chris dodd, senator john mccain, former vice president dan quayle salute their friend and former colleague and say farewell to teddy next on a special edition of "larry king live."."." >> larry: good evening, you're looking at the john f. kennedy museum. members of the public pay their last respects to senator kennedy. kennedy's widow vicki spoke to reporters and "state of the union's" john king caught up with robert f. kennedy jr. watch. >> i just want to thank them so much for coming and showing love and support for my husband. i just want to let them know how grateful we all are. >> thank you. thank you all. >> this is deeply, deeply moving for all of us. >> about a week before he died, he -- he was out on his boat.
examining proposed chans by the obama administr@tion for the use of military commissions in the treatment of detainees. members of the house arm services committee hear from officials with the defense department and justice department. first, conversation with the capitol hill reporter the issue. >> voluntary rogen, why -- >> this would be the third iterations of the military commissions process as eats begun by the bush administration so many years ago. the first version was ruled unconstitutional in the 2006 hamdan case. congress then established the military commissions act of 2006 which reformed the commissions but psident obama said when he assumed office that these commissions were not up to th standards that he thought were fair and just and representative of american values so he pledged to reform them further. that's what they're doing now and the bulk of the work is taking place in the context of this year's defense authorization bill. >> what are some of the proposed changes they'd like to make and why? >> the things that are in the bill right now are changes to how detainees
. a legendary dealmaker in the u.s. senate, so now that he is gone, who will become that dealmaker? major garrett is live on martha's vineyard where the president and his family are on vacation. that is the question of washington is asking, right? >> it is true. the fact of the matter is there are still some dealmakers in united states senate and congress generally. there are just far fewer deals. i spent almost 20 years covering congress. it is just a much more polarized institution that was when ted kennedy arrived on 1962. the fact is the filibuster is used much more aggressively as a procedural tool to block any action of any kind from happening, and there are fewer legislators who want to cut deals. that is just the way the senate has begun to operate. many longtime staff and senators will tell you the senate as an institution in the last few years has become more and more like the house, quarrelsome and polarized, even though it was designed by the framers to be just the opposite, so that kind of personal interaction that leads the deal -- leads to deals just as much as common as it
have a problem. i encourage you to use the mechanisms that the commerce department and small business administration have provided to get that information. use the people in the field. if they are eda representatives, make them do their jobs for the business community that is here today. i will be measured on several statistics when i get done. my job will be fundamentally finished in about 13 months. i have never had it term appointment before but i think this one is close to it. at that time, they will measurements of five things -- i have these things on my wall and their measurements that i signed up for. number one is get the money out quickly. as i mentioned earlier, right now, over all, in the aggregate, we have put out, in contracts and grants to states, about $200 billion by the end of this month it will be -- at the end of september it will be to a $30 billion. we have put about $60 billion out of tax benefits. we are approaching the $300 billion mark. we're doing okay. the second thing is get the money under contract properly. broccoli means two things to make -- that we ge
us about this story, keith. >>reporter: live in the 7900 block of sea breeze. the stench is so bad on this street it gets in your nose. of course your eyes. gets in your eyes as well. smell is coming from that house behind me. animal control workers say they were up to their ankle in dog feces inside that house. now neighbors say they have been complaining about the smell and howling of dogs at that house for nearly a year. a call this morning to the andarundle county hotline got results. health officials and police say an elderly woman had 19 dogs inside the house and 2 dogs in a trailer. all of them severely malnourished and suffering from wovrms and other illnesses. animal control rescued the animals as neighbors watch in disbelief. >> i can't imagine. i actually cid when i saw the condition of these dogs. none like out of the 21, 3 had hai hair. there were 3 pregnant ones and there were 6 week old puppy. i can't imagine a 6 week old puppy going through that. didn't have a stitch of hair on it. >>reporter: we are back here live where health officials have remove the
and that comes down the fac that all of us value and appreciatehe wonderful thgs that technology can do and i think the predent through his leadership has recommended me programs that help infortion thnology, prevention and wellness and tt refo and oth things that can slow down the rat of increase. if we slow down the incase in costhealth insurance will be more affdable for everye. >> prior to the goverent getting inlved, eier through more regulation, which a lot of folk in washingto have been against or b offering a plic option, take either one othose issues if prior to govnment getting volved in one of those two ways, y all, sayhe industry, couldn't gure how to t these costs down, why does e industry come and say we can get the costs down witut governnt getting involved. >> it is not a matter of getting thecosts down. we believe tt is absolutel essential for affordability but theroposals that aetna made going back to 200 is elimining the use of pre-exisng conditions. an individual's medical stats as a bas to be issued insance. in order to eliminate that we have to have everyone in the insur
. of bob pisani kicks us off. look at that rogue gallery. tell us what's going on in the market today. bob, you first. >> thanks. we are struggling, frankly. techs have been up all day. but even they are off their highs, sold right into the good news from intel at 9:00 a.m. eastern time. here is the big tech names, st micro on a high. ibm positive earlier has now drifted lower. again, not a lot of energy and bids in the market, even for the tech stocks. take a look at aig, we have been talking about those high beta stocks all week. bottom line, trade taking very heavy range and signs this rally and these high-tech-hype beta branches are a little tired. fannie and freddie, same situation, looking weaker. talk about energy now, no participation in the rally we have seen this summer or really this year, as oil has faltered around 75 and natt gas down 75%. dry ships, which ships dry goods, not oil, but frontier oil and general maritime, they ship oil. nothing. and they have gone nowhere all through this year. and a lot of debate about what, if anything, will turn them around. tradertalk.cnbc.c
for being with us to night. for all of us here, thanks for watching. good night from new york. next, campbell brown. >>> tonight, hear the questions we want answered -- what really happened to j.c. dugar. she was kidnapped 18 years ago and showed up to day. a convicted rapist and his wife behind bars tonight. where was j.c. for almost two decades? and how can she possibly recover from the trauma? >> she was in good health. but living in a backyard for the past 18 years. it's going to take its toll. >> the latest the investigation of this unbelievable case. >>> tropical storm will it become a hurricane this weekend? we have answers. >>> plus, a funny thing happened to this standup comic. she's half black, half swedish and she is being sued by her jewish mother-in-law for jokes like this -- >> i walked in. i'm trying to be real polite. i said thank so much for having me. elliott put my pocketbook away. >> but who will get the last laugh in court? >>> also the devil wears prada, the most feared woman in fashion, vogue's editor. >> also the girls always look like that. look at the way t
brother, phillip garrido did start using drugs, was a sex addict, and was trying to start his own church that allowed him to read other people's mines and speak to god. the arraignment is in one hour. shepard: claudia is live on the scene. we will update you on that. coming up, man who says he worked with the suspected kidnapper, and much like his neighbor, our next guest claims he has no idea what is going on. michael jackson's death as a homicide. we now have definitive word from the reporting of the associated press and others that there were other drugs in his system. our los angeles correspondent is live on the scene. >> just a few moments ago, we got the official word from the county coroner's office. lots of speculation and conjecture about what was going on. is now official. the manner of death has been established as homicide. other conditions contributing to death work been the dallas team -- benzodiazepines. the final coroner's report and the toxicology report that comes along with that will not be released by the office today. there was no comment from the coroner's office, j
to the u.s. state capitol and then buried at arlington national cemetery tomorrow. welcome to "morning joe." joe will be with us in a moment. savannah guthrie joins us again today. >> it was so moving with the motorcade from hyannis to boston. people on the street applauding. >> absolutely. watch the family say good-bye, moving, as well. curt anderson joining us, as well. >> happy to be here. >> the author of "reset, how the crisis can restore our values." first a look at today's top stories. >>> we have live pictures from the jfk presidential library and museum where a public viewing will continue this morning for the late massachusetts senator ted kennedy. already an estimated 20,000 people have paid their respects. they did that in a service that stretched long into the night. thousands more expected throughout the day before a private invitation-only memorial this evening at 7:00 p.m. >>> president obama will deliver a eulogy tomorrow at the funeral mass. before flying the casket to the capital. finally arriving at arlington national cemetery for a 5:30 p.m. burial. msnbc will have liv
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